Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jenkins Family Road Trip Day 8, July 8

We have been in D.C. for a week. It was time to move on, with a stopover in Rhode Island on our way to Boston. But first we had to say goodbye to the White House, the other side. It was a hot humid and really hazy day so the pictures are bit "foggy".

While taking pictures I noticed armed guards on the roof of the white house with binoculars and zoom lens. So I had to use my zoom lens and get a shot of one of them. "Look, I have I one of those too" Somehow I think theirs are a bit more powerful than mine. lol

Various organizations and such were camped out around the White House. Including a group which appeared to be representing Native Americans.

We then hit the road and headed for Newport Rhode Island. They were also calling for severe weather in the D.C./Maryland area with flash flood warnings for later in the day so we wanted to miss that if at all possible. Things were going fairly smooth, and then we decided to let our children play in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike. Lucky for them traffic wasn't moving on the Turnpike, which became a giant parking lot due to an accident between a tractor trailer and a smallish car. We sat here like this for about an hour. Everybody got out. Walked their dogs, stretched our legs, some people were playing lacrosse in the ditch, some people were playing catch. All in all everyone was in good spirits about the situation and we all made the most of it. Not much else we could do. Oncoming traffic was shut down as well so emergency crews, who were flying up and down both sides of the freeway, could access the accident.

Unfortunately this delay put us in rush hour traffic through New York City, which I have never been to before, someday I would like to fly in and spend a weekend there exploring the city. Added to my bucket list.

Shortly after New York city the rains started and we ended up driving through the dark and rain in Rhode Island to get to our hotel. It made things interesting and Dave and I were a little bugged eyed and exhausted by the time we arrived at our hotel. We got everyone settle into bed and crashed ourselves. Getting ready for the next leg of our journey to Boston.

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