Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jenkins Family Road Trip Day 12, July 12

Today was the day we headed back to Canada, but first we had to get through Maine. We stayed over night in Bangor to break up the trip. Breakfast at Denny's across the street from the hotel we stayed at and we were on our way.

Maine is a gorgeous state, very much like home. Loved it.

Maine is full of lakes, rivers etc. and the scenery is gorgeous. Along the road to Quebec there were numerous look outs to stop at. We pulled over at one so we could stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh air. We stopped along the Kennebec River, where Benedict Arnold and his troops travelled on their ill fated trip to Quebec under the orders of George Washington in 1775. He started with 1100 men, and by the time they reached Quebec City, they were down to about 500, losing a number to sickness, desertion, accidents etc. The mission was a complete failure and in 1780 he was caught sending military secrets to the British. Dave and I wondered if his experience in Quebec affected his stance on the American Revolution, thus causing him to switch sides.

Closer to the Quebec/Maine Border we stopped at another lookout overlooking the mountains in Quebec. It was stunning, but unfortunately it was a hazy day and the view was not what it could be.

We arrived in Quebec City after dinner where we celebrated Daniel's 11th birthday. Yes, we gave the our son the gift of spending the day in the van for his birthday. We are awesome parents. Lol

After we arrived at our hotel in Quebec City, we gave Daniel some gifts we picked up up for him in D.C. I think we did well smuggling the gifts from D.C to Quebec and him not noticing.

The Birthday Boy himself.

Opening his gifts, from us, some packs of Baseball Cards, a wire Mandala. From Laura, Cosmos Kinetic Art , and from Amanda Newton's Cradle.

Watching his Newton's Cradle in action.

Our hotel in Quebec City was the Hotel Manoir Victoria. And we highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Quebec City. Its in the heart of Old Quebec, Valet Parking, excellent staff, clean and spacious rooms.

And this was the nighttime view from our room.

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