Monday, August 15, 2011

Jenkins Family Road Trip Day 7, July 7

I am back from a week at the cottage with my besties, Denise and Marissa. Did you miss me? You can read about some of our adventures on Denise's blog here. I managed to get a number of layouts done, I just have to find them and take pics and post them when I can.

Our final day in D.C. We started off at Open City for breakfast. This day we had our breakfast out on the patio, and this little fellow decided to visit and see what we had. I gave him a soggy animal cracker that was on the saucer with my tea. In about 30 seconds 5 of his friends showed up and they had a little fight over the cracker.

This was our visit the Smithsonian's Natural History museum day. And this fellow greeted us at the entrance. Which of course put the movie Night at The Museum in my head and the phrase " Me no dumm dumm. You dumm dumm. You bring me gumm gumm?"

What big teeth you have Mr. T. Rex. LOL

Amanda found a wee crystal quartz on her walk through the museum. We were hoping to be able to take it home. Didn't quite work out.

And the biggest public draw in the museum was this, the Hope Diamond, probably the most famous diamond in the world, and supposedly there is curse with the diamond, as legend goes. At one point the diamond was owned by the French Royal family, until the French Revolution, when looters stole most of the Crown Jewels, when it disappeared for a number of years before resurfacing again in England in the early 1800's. It then changed hands numerous times and went to the Smithsonian in 1958, donated by Harry Winston to the Institute.

The highlight of our visit was the Human Origins exhibit was just opened recently. It was really well done showing how scientists have traced Human Origins and addresses many misconceptions about the study of Human Evolution.

A small exhibit on Korean weddings. I found these outfits stunning and spent a fair amount of time looking at the details of the embroidery.

And then it was dinner and back to the hotel to pack, for we were too hit the road the next day for the next phase of our adventure.

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