Friday, August 19, 2011

Jenkins Family Road Trip Day 10, July 10

We spent the day at the Boston Harbour front and it was a perfect day weather wise. Simply gorgeous.

Our main activity for the day was the New England Aquarium. Just outside was the Atlantic Harbor Seals. And they were quite busy when we arrived. I loved this guy sticking his head out of the water, soaking up the sun

Once inside, Laura got to pet some stingrays, no pictures unfortunately, because there were sooo many people it was crazy.

The jelly fish exhibit was fabulous. I managed to get some good shots of these amazing creatures.

The favourite part of the aquarium and where we ended up spending most of our time was the penguins. Fun creatures. Daniel even got to play with some of them. They have a flashlight attached to railing along with viewing deck and you play with the penguins by having them chase the light in the water. It was too cute.

We had the pleasure of being able to observe the penguins being fed. Each penguin has their own personalized arm band. There are a couple of trainers with feeding trays and a couple more with boards listing the different penguins, so they can make sure each animal gets the amount of fish they require. As soon as the penguins saw the trainers most of them lined up waiting for their turn.

And shortly after that was feeding time in the giant ocean tank. This time the trainer is underwater and feeds the stingrays, sharks, and other carnivore fish. One giant stingray kept landing on his head, like it was giving him kisses and the giant sea turtle was content to sit at the feet of the trainer.

At the end of the visit we went to the Northern Fur Seals outdoor exhibit and it was feeding time. This guy is the oldest seal and is blind so they were hand feeding him.

For lunch Dave had lobster of course, can't be in New England without having some lobster, he shared with me and it was amazing.

After the aquarium we wandered around the harbour front, kids had some lemon and watermelon ice on the dock and we soaked in the glorious sunshine.

Before dinner, we decided to go to Paul Revere's house, Dave's sister Mary, her husband John and son Evan was in Boston the same day as we were. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet up. Mary and John were in Boston for the weekend for a family wedding on John's side. At one point we were within blocks of each other. So instead Mary took a picture of Evan in front of Paul Revere's house and we took a picture of our three in front as well later on and sent it to Dave's mom. Our way of saying "hi Grandma!!" LOL

We had dinner at Tia's restaurant out on the harbour and headed back to our hotel. The next day was a trip I was looking forward to Salem!!!


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