Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday and the days leading up to it have been a blur to say the least.  I will post more on how well my booth did later this week,and Amanda's dance recital.  My camera is somewhere in the chaos that is my home.  LOL  Just had a nap, getting ready to make dinner for Dave and then off to see Great Big Sea in concert (one of my awesome Mother's Day gift)  

I saw this on a blog I follow.  Since I am a tad whipped from this past week thought I would do this for fun.  

Age - 43
Bed size - King 
Chore that you hate - I would have to say is scooping up "dog bombs" from the yard after a real snowy winter in Southern Ontario.  yep, pretty nasty.
Dogs - 1, Golden Doodle named Dalwhinnie (yes, she is named after a brand of Scotch)
Essential start to your day - Showering and eating breakfast, if I haven't had either one of those,  it is not a happy world around me.
Favourite colour - Depends on my mood, sometimes blue, sometimes red, sometimes pink,I am a crafter and all kinds of color can rock my world.  Today, I love blue.
Gold or silver - Silver
Height - 5' 6" 
Instruments you play - I don't play any
Job title - Tough one, I have many jobs which include Mom, Wife, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and maid, laundress, Taxi service (lots of that), chef, baker, party planner, etc.  
Kids - 2 girls Laura (16 years old), Amanda (14 years old) and 1 boy Daniel (11 years old)
Live - Ontario, Canada
Mother’s name - Sita
Nicknames - Don't have any
Overnight hospital stays - Delivery of all three kids of course, when I broke my leg in 1995 and had to have surgery, D & C for retained placenta after Amanda in 1998, and of course other procedures that were just "day trips"
Pet peeves - Whining and complaining, chronic liars, people lacking personal responsibility, camping lol,  
Quote from a movie - "You see that couple here?  Well, he's having an affair with the babysitter and she can eat a pound cake in under a minute"  Aunt Jet to Sally Owens pointing out that "normal" people aren't always "normal"   From one of my fav movies Practical Magic
Right or left handed - Right
Siblings - 1 older sister
Television - Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Bones, NCIS, 
Underwear - Depends on my mood and what I am wearing,
Vegetable you hate - Brussel Sprouts (little balls of satan I tell you!!!)
What makes you run late - Trying to get "one more thing done" before I have to leave.
X-Rays - Dental, when I broke my leg and numerous times after the surgery to make sure I was healing properly. 
Yummy food that you make - I like to think I'm a pretty decent cook and baker
Zoo animal - Dolphins are my fav but not many zoos have them, other one is monkey

Thanks for visiting my blog and keep checking for some crafty goodness.


Denise Donald said...

nicknames: Skinny _ _ _ _ _!

Ria said...

LOL and don't forget "with the lead foot"