Monday, June 18, 2012

Booths, Dance, Dinner, Great Big Sea. It has been quite a weekend.

What a weekend!!!l  As you know I had my first booth at the Fresh Ayr Festival and it was a success. Some people coming to a class, new customer contacts, and some sales.  All in all a good weekend.  

Me posing in my first booth ever, and I now see that wearing shorts with my apron looks interesting from the front.  LOL  

Cash and carry table.

On of my volunteers, Marissa, playing Vanna LOL

I made a banner with the new In-Colors.  Quite happy with how it turned out.

My other volunteer, and upline extraordinaire, Denise.  Playing shy with the camera.  LOL  (Payback Denise for some of the other unflattering shots of me on your blog, bwahahaha!!!!)

I love how my Cookie Monster topper turned out.  Thanks to Dawn for the idea.

Loving the new Dahlia buttons.  So gorgeous!!!

And of course, Stampin Up! fabric, to die for!!!

Display board Denise lent me!!!

And this cool guy walking around with his stereo on his back.  And a hot sunny day made it perfect.

A big thanks to Marissa, Alexa, Laura, and Daniel for helping out with the booth and doing take down. Another thank you to Jamilla, who took time out to visit my booth and gave me a special give for having my first booth ever.  Jamilla is my upline x 2, she is Denise's upline and Denise is my upline, we are one big happy family at Stampin Up!!!  And a really really huge thank you thank you thank you to Denise for helping to run the booth, lending me tables, display boards etc, (I am still working on my collection of stuff) and of course take down.

I was unable to stay for the whole day because it was also Amanda's Dance Recital day, the date and time were different from other years, so there was a scramble in terms of what to do with my booth, do I stay and skip the dance recital.  But my volunteers saved the day and I was able to have the booth and see Amanda's Dance recital.  Which was of course AMAZING!!!!

And every year Amanda gets flowers from her Beppe and of course her dad for a job well done.  A quick pic of some of the flowers.  Gorgeous!!!

Yesterday was Father's Day, a day in which Dave was thoroughly spoiled with breakfast in bed, a do nothing day, followed by a dinner that I made.  On the menu was BBQ steak and garlic shrimp, roasted red and sweet potatoes, south west salad, and for dessert home made cherry pie (somebody else did the home-making on the pie, I was too busy)  

And after dinner Dave and I had a date watching Great Big Sea in concert.  I have been a fan of Great Big Sea for many years and seeing them in concert has been a long time wish of mine.  And for Mother's Day Dave gave me two tickets to their concert.  It was at the Whistle Bear Golf and Country club and was a fundraiser for Cambridge Memorial Hospital.  And of course the boys of Great Big Sea put on an amazing show, both Dave and I can't wait to see them in concert again soon.  Will be watching their tour schedule closely.

A perfect night to end a perfect weekend.

Needless to say I am a little tired today.  And after getting everybody out the door, breakfast into me, laundry started, looking around my house thinking what happened??  Followed by some customer calls, I went into my studio to this!!!  Looks like I have some cleaning and tidying to do.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.  Keep watching for some of my upcoming classes.

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Deanna said...

Wow, you have been busy and the booth looks amazing!

Jayne said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend.....the booth looked great btw.