Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Yet Another Adventure in Bathroom Renovations.

It has been a long time since I posted.  Time to resurrect this blog.   This post is not going to be crafty at all.  But I have plans underway and am working  on a project with some other fellow bloggers, details will be coming in a few weeks.   

This post is another bathroom renovation project that was forced upon us.  LOL  Dave and I were planning a kitchen renovation, our kitchen is very very sad.  We met with Jacklyn and Shannon over at Timber Barn in St. Jacob's.  I had been researching various kitchen renovation experts and stumbled upon their showroom in St. Jacob's as they were moving in, and fell in love with what I saw.  We had the plans drawn up for the kitchen and were deciding on a timeline last summer.  Then our master bathroom decided to have a meltdown.   I was in the laundry room, which is directly under the master bath, when Dave came in to talk to me.  As I was looking up at him during the conversation I noticed a rather large, very wet spot on the ceiling from the shower.  The bathroom renovation that we had been putting off since we moved into this house in 2002 was now screaming that it needed to be done immediately.  So we contacted Shannon and told her about our change of plans, Plans were drawn up, cupboards, tile etc. were picked out and we moved into the kids bathroom.  

Here are the before pictures.  I have found that the builder never utilized the space to maximize the potential of the bathroom.    Yes, that is a jacuzzi, that we hardly ever used and took up so much space.  And besides we now have a hot tub.  So yes, it had to go.  

The shower was cramped, small, dark and dingy.   There was never a place to store our shampoo and conditioner bottles etc.  The wall that was shared with the closet had a huge bow in it.  Not sure how you can build a shower/wall and notice a bend in the studs that severe.  Quality workmanship at its finest.  LOL  And we always had a problem with water damage to the section of wall under the door. The shower  was the source of the water damaged ceiling in the laundry room.

Dave from Meyer Flooring did most of the renovation work.  Demolition day came and when they ripped up the shower there was so much water damage the floor boards were rotting.   It was a good thing we did this renovation now.   Bit by bit we saw the new bathroom come together.

And now we have a fully operational bathroom!!!  We had toyed with the idea of moving the wall between the bathroom and our walk in closet to give more room in the bathroom.  But we had to keep costs down, because I still want that new kitchen.  LOL   We kept the room the same size and made the best use possible of the space at hand.   We ended up with a much larger shower with a niche in the half wall to store our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.   The shower is glassed in and tiled in marble subway tile which gives it a very light and roomy feel to it.  We now have a standard stand alone tub that takes up much less space than the old jacuzzi yet is still roomy for those night time baths.

We also took out the California shutters which opened up the space even more.  We added a frosted film to the bottom two thirds of the window to give us privacy yet still allows light to come through and we can still see outside.

This is the new vanity, the mirror was not hung up yet when I took this picture.  We have a quartz counter-top and drawers instead of cupboards.  I find that the drawers store a lot and everything is easier to keep neat and organized and easily accessible.  

We changed the placement of the toilet which allowed us to add this storage tower.  We now can store towels, extra rolls of toilet paper etc out of sight.

I love my new marble basket-weave floor.  So gorgeous.

We decided to add herringbone tile to the shower floor and niche. 

Overall we are very pleased with the finished project.  The workmanship and eye for detail from Dave at Meyer Flooring and Timber Barn was exceptional.  Now we save up and get ready for the kitchen.  Hopefully late spring/summer 2016.  Keeping fingers crossed.  And I broke a drawer tonight too.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogging world.

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Denise Donald said...

Love the bathroom! Looks way better than before!