Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Last night we carved pumpkins and we are missing a child as Laura is away at university.   Can you tell who is the serious one?  

Dave decided to get out the power tools when it came time to carve.  Pumpkin juice was flying everywhere!!!

Dalwhinnie just watched not sure what to make of what we were doing.  

Daniel and Amanda posing with their finished creations.

Dalwhinnie decided to pose in the picture as well.  But she appears to be a bit camera shy.  LOL

We are getting ready to start handing out candy here tonight.  Daniel and Amanda are too old to go out trick or treating so we don't have to eat dinner in a rush and do hair and make up etc.   Around here it is a rainy day and night that is suppose to turn to snow later tonight.    Stay safe, and try not to eat too much candy.

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