Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pass the Honey Pot

I had the fun task of setting up a challenge for our team, since our team name is CraftDBears, and a bear is our mascot, Denise (our team leader) and I decided to name this challenge Pass the Honey Pot.   We had two teams of 4 people each.  I picked a card from the current Stampin' Up! Catalogue and Idea Book.  I passed that image on to the first person on each team.   Using current Stampin' Up! product, they used the original image as inspiration for their card.  Not to recreate the card, but use the card as inspiration to create a unique card, make it their own so to speak.   They then sent me an image of the card they created.  I would then take the card that team member #1 created and send it to team member #2, who would follow the same rules as the first person.  I would then take team member#2's card and send it to team member #3 etc.  Kind of like the telephone game with cards.  

Everybody had fun.  And I loved seeing the evolution of the original image and what the final card ended up looking like.    The response was very positive and I would love to do it again.   

Below is the original card that I chose from the Idea Book and Catalogue on page 67.

For Team One, we started out with our fearless leader Denise, you can find her blog at CraftDBear

The Honey Pot was then passed on to Tammie, you can find her blog at Pieces Of Paper and Puppies

Then we passed it onto Margie, you can find her blog at Margie's Stampin Studio

The final person to receive the Honey Pot on Team 1 was Melissa.  You can find her blog at Lovely Stamping

For Team 2 we started out with Kim, you can find her blog at More Fun Outside the Lines

The Honey Pot then made its way to Andrea, you can find her blog at Jomina Creations 

Then Carol Ann had some fun with the Honey Pot.  We are working on Carol Ann getting a blog so the world can see her talent.  LOL

And the final place that the Honey Pot stopped at was Laurie, who was being pressured by some of the team members.  Poor Laurie, it wasn't her fault she was the last one to get the Honey Pot.  LOL  Laurie too needs to get a blog showcasing her Stampin' Up! creations.   We are working on her.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little corner of the blogging world.  Let these creations by some talented ladies be an inspiration for you to create something.      Express yourself through your art.   And have fun!!!

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