Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PhotoShop Fun

Yesterday I finally got a chance to sit down and play with my Photoshop Elements. Using tutorials from Jessica Sprague I had a photo of my niece Heather when she was visiting over the Holidays. I changed the hue and saturation to give the picture an "aged" look and then did some tinting on her face with the brush setting and tweaking the foreground color. And then with the star brush with a white foreground color to give the sparkle effect in her hair.

Here is the finished photo.

And here is the original photo that I started out with. Isn't she the cutest?


Greg said...

Neat! That looks really cool.

And, yes, she really is the cutest (not that I'm biased in any way)

Carla said...

Good job! Yes she is the cutest. :) Though your kids are pretty darned cute too (maybe too old now to appreciate that sentiment?)

Marissa said...

Totally cute subject!!! Beautiful work with Photoshop!!! It turned out perfect!