Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am a Killer

A dandelion killer that is.

When I started this blog I thought what would blog about. I don't lead an exciting life like a lot of other bloggers out there. I don't have cows poking their heads into my living room window like Pioneer Woman does, nor do I get myself locked up in a chicken coop with a crazed rooster like April from Coal Creek Farm does. So I must make up my own excitement.

Yesterday for excitement I decided to whack the heads of dandelions off with the lawnmower. Dave and I are natural lawn care kind of people, with three kids and a dog we are not about to spray our lawn with chemical pesticides and herbicides therefore we have a gorgeous lawn of yellow flowers in the backyard. Amanda likes picking them, and Dalwhinnie likes to roll in them because they make her fur highlighted with yellow streaks.

As pretty as those yellow flowers are, I needed to cut the grass and since Dave is unable to since I broke him a few months ago (we hope to have him repaired in the first week of June) it is my job to cut the large piece of suburban property we have. Here is a pic of our backyard just before the massacre began. The pretty happy yellow flowers were enjoying their day being pollinated by the bumble bees and just soaking up the fertilizer I spread last week. Then the horrendous sound of the lawn mower kicked in, fortunately I couldn't hear their cries for mercy over the sound of the mower and my manical laughter as I showed no mercy (the manical laugh might explain why I didn't see any neighbours that morning). I did have a couple of bumble bees dive bomb me a few times though as I disturbed their pollination, but that didn't stop me in my rampage of death and destruction. Dalwhinnie, my accomplice, stood guard making sure no one would disturb me.

After about 4-5 hours of lawn mower work and whipper snippering my job was complete (as I said before we have a rather large piece of propery and just an electric lawn mower). There were a few whimpers here and there from those that survived the wrath of my blade but they soon quieted down. Here is a pic later in the afternoon when every thing was done. Looks more green now doesn't it?
As you can tell in the picture Dalhwinnie was enjoying the quiet time of a temporarily dandelion free yard chewing on a bone she dug up after it has fermented in the ground for a couple of weeks. The dirt must make them extra tasty.

Unfortunately, the dandelions used the quiet of the night to rally their troops and this morning their yellow heads were seen popping up again. I have lost this battle........for now.
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Greg Jenkins Photo Gallery said...

I think maybe you are more of a barber than a killer :)

- Greg

Marissa said...

This is funny!! Everyday stuff, made funny!!!
Come and kill in my yard.

Denise Donald said...

4-5 hours. Have mercy on those yellow flowers and buy a lawn tractor. Put them out of their misery in half the time.

Deanna said...

Oh wow it looks awesome girl!