Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ear Infections and vet visits

We have had our fair share of ear infections in our house, especially with Amanda. When she was a toddler until she about 6 years of age we were regulars at the Doctor's office with ear infections. She even had tubes put in her ears when she was 2 years old which helped a fair bit until they fell out.

Monday morning she woke up with ear pain, and it was a holiday Monday of course. By Monday night after dance she was in severe pain with the flushed cheeks and everything. She usually doesn't complain about ear pain, the girl has had her ear drum rupture a few times with no complaint other than a crusty ear. Kept her home yesterday from school, took her to the Doctor and sure enough she has a roaring ear infection. Poor baby. Needless to say she is home today and possibly the rest of the week. Contacted my good friend Jennifer who does reflexogy and recommended some pressure points and an ear drop solution of water and vinegar (which is the same solution recommended by Amanda's ENT awhile ago I just forgot the ratios, thanks Jenn!!). Amanda is starting to feel better though she says her ear feels "full" and "stuffy", but hey the pain has subsided at least and she has started her antibiotics which should kick in tonight.

Now we have to get Dave repaired. Less than two weeks until his hernia operation, and he can't wait, it is getting uncomfortable for him.

On a lighter note, I took Dalwhinnie for her yearly Vet visit. She was all excited about going for a car ride. She had a great time hanging her head out the wind, her ears flapping in the breeze, and all those neat country smells. We pulled up to the vet's building, she thought all the smells she was picking up were AMAZING!!!! Then I opened the door and she got the smell of the vet's office, she stopped dead in her tracks and tried pulling me back to the van. "Come on let's go back to the van!!! Please don't make me go in there!! He pokes me with needles and sticks a thermometer up my butt!!!! How would you like a thermometer up your butt?!?!?!" Sorry mutt, in you go. Of course her anxiety kicks in with the rapid breathing and the pacing towards the exit. Another dog finished with the vet and got to leave, Dalwhinnie wanted to leave with them. The vet opened the exam room for us to come in Dalwhinnie sat on her hind end and pulled back with all her might "NOOOOOO!!!!!! I DON"T WANT TO GO IN THERE WITH HIM!!!!!" Unfortunately for Dalwhinnie she is helpless against the Halti. Managed to get her on the table, she buried her face in my chest while he gave her the needles, he managed to get nose drops in her, take her temperature, and take some vials for bloodwork while she shook, panted and tried to escape. She got off that table and out the door soo fast. While I am paying the bill (which was incredibly painful for me) she kept pulling me "Come on let's go!!!! Get me out of this horrible torture chamber. I can't believe you let him do those things to me. The agony and pain it causes me. I THOUGHT YOU LOOOOVED ME?!?!?!" Gee that dog has a flair for drama :)

She curled up on the front seat on the way home and wouldn't pop up to hang her head out the window until we were almost home. Now she is exhausted and is sleeping in the front bay window hoping not to experience anything like that anytime soon.............little does she realize I plan to take her to the groomer's next week. Bwhahahahaha!!!!!!


jenn said...

no problem. I'm glad she is feeling better!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope the groomers was less of a drama!

- Greg