Thursday, February 28, 2013

Excellent March Break Arts Program for Your Preteens and Teens!!!

Diverting from my normal fare here. And tooting the horn for a family member of mine.  

 I am getting the word out on an excellent Arts Program for kids aged 12-17 years.  It will be run during our upcoming March Break.  The course will be at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford and my very talented sister in law, artist Mary Abma, will be teaching.  Mary has done various exhibits here in Ontario and in the U.S.  She also has taught numerous art classes throughout the Sarnia and Grand Bend area. 

This program will be in conjunction with her upcoming exhibit at the gallery, "In My Own Backyard", which opens March 16, 2013.  During the week students will be working with Mary on one of the actual pieces of the exhibit, titled  "Terra Dulcis:  Triptych Altarpiece of Glenhyrst Gardens"  Students will also work on their own pieces of art using different techniques and materials. 

Here is a brief statement about the exhibit from Mary's website:   "In My Own Back Yard” is an exhibition containing series of works that are rooted in the study of botany and history--specifically, historical and current botanical practices that have led to ecosystem degradation and homogenization. The artworks‘ grounding in my own piece of property in a typical suburban neighbourhood personalizes the ecological issues, literally bringing them “home”. “In My Own Back Yard” was an in-depth project that spanned four years of intensive study and exploration. There are four separate components that form a comprehensive exhibition of this project; however, each component can stand alone or will work well in combination with one or more of the others. 

Below are some images of the exhibit when it was at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was able to view this exhibit when it was at Redeemer University, in Ancaster, Ontario last year.  My favourite piece of the exhibit, and it was hard to pick one, was the piece "Herbarium of Lot 161 Plan 150".  It is the second image below.  Very impressive.

For more info on the March Break program and the gallery itself you can visit the website here:  Glenhyrst Gallery     March Break Program

To learn more about Mary and her exhibit " In My Own Backyard"  visit her website here:   Mary Abma  

My three kids have enrolled in this March Break program, even computer genius 12 year old Daniel is excited.  If you live in and around the Brantford/Ayr area, and looking for something to keep your 12-17 year old busy.  Get them into this program.

And before I forget here is a link to some images of when Mary did a similar program with University Students at Calvin College:   Creating an Exhibit 

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blogging universe.  Any questions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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