Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I Have Been Up To

Hello world!!!   Just a quick update on what has been going with me.  As many of you know, I have taken the month of August off due to surgery I had on August 3.    I had a hysterectomy at that time, and was suppose to keep both ovaries, but when my surgeon got in there, he realized one ovary had to go.  Luckily for me it was nothing serious, uterine fibroids that I had to deal with for most of my life, and it turns out endometriosis  as well.  Which explains a lot of the symptoms I was having.  But with what they found, I ended up with a larger incision than expected, which also means a little more discomfort.  Thank goodness for hospital drugs!!!   Of course, there is a six week recovery with this.  My family has stepped up to the plate and has been amazing.  No one is starving, or wearing dirty clothes.  Woohoo!!

And today was an added bonus.  I have been going a little squirrelly around here.  I am not one to sit down and after the drugs had worn off, and the pain started to subside, I got bored bored bored.  LOL  So I convinced Dave that today would be a good day to drive out to Paris, to enjoy tea, sandwich and of course a fabulous home made apple fritter at the Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe, while sitting on their patio overlooking the Grand River.  

And now I am sore and tired.  LOL  But it was worth it!!!!  

During my recovery the last three weeks, and for my birthday, I have received a whack of flowers.  I could almost open my own florist shop!!!  But I love love love flowers, and since I am not allowed to garden right now (anybody wanna come over and weed my gardens???) at least I have these beautiful flowers to look at and smell.   Here are a couple of the arrangements I have received.  GORGEOUS!!!

And during my recovery process, Dave decided to borrow my camera (apparently its nicer than his) and try some astrophotography.  I found a whack of shots when I downloaded pics off my camera the other day.  Here are a couple,  I don't have Photoshop to clean these images up, that's Dave's department.  But pretty cool, even with the light pollution we have around here.

See the meteoroid in this one?    You can see more of Dave's astrophotography on his blog here

I also had my birthday last week, and was thoroughly spoiled.  Laura and Amanda made me cake!!!   Yummmmm.  

The night before I went into the hospital I got to play around around a bit with my stamps.  As you know, our Holiday Catalogue went live earlier this month, and its AWESOME!!!  I wish I could have it all.  LOL  One of the stamp sets I purchased right away was Perfectly Perserved (#126692)  and the coordinating Cannery Set Framelits (#127822)  I decided instead of putting food in my jars, to play around with some other sets and put bugs and frogs in my jars.  Like most children, I remember how much fun it was to collect caterpillars, butterflies, and put them in jars with holes in the lid.  I used the frog from our new Toxic Treats stamp set (#127901), and color in some grass into the jar as well.

For this jar I used the butterflies from the Make a Cake set (#126742).  I colored the stamp using our amazing Stampin Write markers to get various colored butterflies.  I have no recollection of what colors I used, bad I know.  But I was just goofing around and had to go to  bed early, had to be at the hospital at 7:30 am and we live about 30 mins or so away.  But I do have some other ideas floating around me head with these jars and I forgot to put toppers on these ones so my little critters could escape.  LOL

I have also designed a thank you card for the numerous thank you notes I need to send out. I made one card about a week ago, and I needed a week long nap after that.  LOL But in designing this card I was inspired for a class later in September after I have given been given the green light by the surgeon to return to normal life stuff.  Cannot wait!!!!


Dee said...

Oh Ria, it's wonderful to have you back! It sounds like your family have made your recovery a total time of rest. You deserve the best at all times, but particularly through this time. I hope the rest of your healing process continues to progress according to plan!

Jayne said...

Glad to see you're recovering nicely Ria and don't worry, there are plenty of weeds in my garden to keep yours company!