Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Happy Little Tune

Stampin' Up! recently had their convention in Salt Lake City.  I haven't  been able to attend yet, my goal is to attend convention in 2013, so look out Salt Lake City, I am coming with my friends.  The town just might never be the same again. lol  During this year's convention I watched video clips, as well as reading facebook and blog updates from home, dreaming to go. This video is the Convention song of this year, and I love it.  Makes me excited for next July.  Enjoy!!!!

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Dee said...

I love this song. You really must go to a convention. When we had a business, we even went to Lake Tahoe. They are so motivating and it's fun to be in a rally-like environment with like-minded people. I think I will listen to the song's great!!!