Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daniel's Birthday Invitations

Daniel has his 9th birthday coming up and he is going to have a sleepover with three of his friends. Since his birthday is right at the beginning of summer holidays it kind of sneeks up on me and I end up scrambling the week before to get invites made and sent out and all the planning done.

This year Daniel decided to help with making the invites. I have a couple of sets of Stampendous stamps that I picked up at Scrapfest just for him. The first set is a mixture of different robot parts that you can mix and match to make your own unique robot. Daniel had fun making a different robot for each of his guests. I finished off the cards using stamps from the galaxy stamp set.

Here is Daniel sneaking into the picture of his robotic creations. Crazy kid.

This is the inside of the invites. I just had to use the galaxy stamp that came with the set. I used the Star Wars font that I picked up somewhere for the inside as well.

Since Daniel was helping I kept the design super simple. Basic black cardstock and silver ink and printed the info off of the computer just using regular printer paper. That is it. And Daniel was more than proud to hand them out to his friends.

Next step is getting the decorations, food, baking the cake, and gear up for a night of little to no sleep.

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Marissa said...

Will Daniel be delivering one to me himself? Or will it come with you?

Deanna said...

Totally wesome girl, you put me to shame! :)